HIV and Flax Hull Lignans.


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I find the website Aids Research & Assistance Institute very interesting. This website is accepting donations of money so they can turn around and purchase Flax Hull Lignans for people in Africa that are stricken with Aides/HIV. These people cannot afford medical help, as approximately 85% of them are living in rural areas, so are left to suffer miserably with the affection.

When this organization did their own testing of supplying these needy people with Flax Hull Ligans, the results were astonishing. 97% of the people had viral loads drop significantly. The CD-4 counts also rose significantly. They now witness kids who have been taking Flax Hull Lignans for a few years, and they are testing HIV-, with no sign of HIV in their blood at all! Dr’s who examined some of them before as HIV+, just don’t know what to think!

Many of these rural communities that have been supplied with lignans, finally have some hope. And the Flax Hull Lignans fit nicely into their daily lifes, there is not strict schedule to take it. A jar can sit on the floor of a hut in the heat, no refrigeration required, and the person can just add a scoop to their daily porridge or meal. The very ill, who are often found lying on mats unable to make a long journey to a clinic. The gift of a jar of Flax Hull Lignans is often their only hope between life and death for them.

Please consider making a donation to this group, as they are giving 3rd world HIV+ victims, a hope for life.

Ways to serve yourself Flax Hull Lignans


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One of my favorite ways to get a daily dose down of Flax Hull lignans, is to mix it in with grape juice. I like the combination of the two flavors. But, stay away from the more acidic juices such as orange, grapefruit, and lemonade, as the natural acids in those juices in your tummy at the same time, could reduce the healthful benefits from the Flax hull lignans.

But, having it with juice everyday could get a little boring. Following are some other tasty ways to get your daily dose of Flax Hull Lignans into your tummy.

  • Add to your favorite rice dish or hotdish
  • Mix or sprinkle on your bar-b-q or sloppy joe meat
  • Mix in with your steamed veggies
  • Sprinkle in with your cereals or on your salads
  • Blend into your favorite smoothies recipe
  • This is very appealing to me too, add 2 Tbsp to your homemade waffles, muffins, breads, pancakes, or other favorite baked goods
  • Flax Hull Lignans have a remarkable ability to retain it’s essential nutrients when used at temperatures under 400F

Warts On Our Princess


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Our little Princess got a persistent wart on her right hand pointer finger.  It got as large as a 1/4 inch in diameter, even having been frozen several times by Dr’s and by her parents, with liquid nitrogen.  To make matters even worse, a second and third one developed on both her thumbs, then a fourth on her right ring finger.  Another visit to the Dr., and this one recommended to keep the warts covered with Duct Tape for up to two months, as she said studies are showing that Duct Tape is more effective then freezing them.  Checking on the internet, I found that what she said was true.

Trouble is, our little Princess will not keep a bandage on for more then a few hours, how are we going to keep stiff Duct Tape on her fingers for two months!  Then I had an idea…Liquid Bandage!  The product is called “New Skin”, and it available in a little brown bottle from the drug store.  It has a finger nail polish like smell to it, and is also an antiseptic.  A great product to seal off stinging air from small cuts and cracks on one fingers.  Their website is

After each mealtime, we coated each of the warts, about three times a day.  When it dries, it looks like a spot of amber varnish on your finger, much less noticeable then duct tape, and better tolerated by little Princesses too!  When it got thicker, like in 3 days of application, we would peel it off, and a thin layer of the top of the wart would go with.  Then we would reapply the New Skin, doing it three times a day, peel it off in a few days, repeat, repeat, repeat.

We kept this up for close to 2 months, and are very happy to report all four warts totally disappeared from our little Princess’s fingers!  It has been over a month now, and so far we see no regrowth in those areas.  New Skin had done the trick as well as the stories about Duct Tape doing the same job, but was less noticeable while on our Princess’s fingers.

We think that blocking the air from the warts, pealing off the top layer with the New Skin every 3 day or so, along with the antiseptic in New Skin, did the job for our little Princess.  She is a happy gal!

Adding Flax Seed To Horses Daily Diet


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One of my favorite supplements to our saddle horses daily diet, is to add about 1/3 cup of flax seed to their feed ration.  Over long term use, we feel it gives them a shiny hair coat, and improves the condition of their hooves.  Of course the organic version of the grain would have been exposed to the least amount of farm chemicals, but the non-organic will do the same job too.

Canine or Dog Cushing Disease Treatment


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A bit frustrating to find out that your beloved dog has cushing disease, but at least there is some relieve that will help your four legged buddy feel a little more comfort in life.

The combination that seems to work well for many is to give them Flax Hull Lignans and Melatonin.

Plant lignans are converted in the body to other lignans such as enterolactone.  Enterolactone is a major-endogenous-mammilian lignan formed by the action of intestinal bacteria on plant lignans when they are ingested, and acts as a phytoestrogen in the body.

Yep, like you, I don’t quit understand it. But it is good for our furry barking friends that are suffering from cushings. According to the University of Tennesse College of Veterinary Medicine, suggested dose of Flax Hull Lignans is about 1 mg per lb of your dogs body weight.

Now to get full benifit, you need to add Melatonin, which is available from most health food stores.  Melatonin is a hormone produced by the pineal gland and who’s job is to help regulate hormones and the body’s circadian rhythm.  Now days in veterinary medicine, Melatonin is used as a natural treatment for coat loss in dogs, cats and ferrets too!  But, researchers are not exactly sure how Melatonin helps thicken and regrow fur. However, some researchers seem to agree that it may be the relationship melatonin has with sunlight and the body’s circadian rhythm, while other’s think Malatonin’s antioxidants properties help promote hair growth.  Melatonin has also shown to help a pet gain back weight after stress, illness, surgery, and also aides with anxiety, insomnia, and phobias with noise.

Research recommends for our doggie friends, not exceeding 3 to 6 mg of Melatonin every 8 to 12 hours.

  • As a guideline:
  • 1.5 mg twice daily for dogs under 25 pounds
  • 3 mg twice daily for average to large sized dogs
  • 6 mg twice daily if you dog weight exceeds 100 pounds.
  • If it works better to dose once a day for your dog, doing so in the evening is recommended.

Diet and its preventive role in prostatic disease


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I found this short but interesting article on Diet and its preventive role in prostatic disease –

Flax Lignans can bind to male hormones


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It appears lignans can bind to males hormones and lower incidence of prostate cancer:

“Flaxseed is high in lignans, fiber-related compounds that can bind to male hormones and increase their elimination through the digestive system. Lignans also act as plant-derived estrogens, and this combination of hormonal effects might inhibit prostate cancer formation and growth. In addition, flaxseed is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids, which have been linked in some studies to a lower incidence of prostate cancer.”

American Cancer Society:

Flax Lignans may also function as Antioxidants


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More interesting information from the American Cancer Society:

“Recently, attention has also focused on the flaxseed itself, which is a rich source of lignans, compounds that can act as anti-estrogens or as weak estrogens. It is thought that lignans may play a role in preventing estrogen-dependent cancers, such as breast cancer and other types of cancer. Lignans may also function as antioxidants and, though mechanisms that are not yet fully understood, may slow cell growth. When flaxseeds are consumed, the lignans are activated by bacteria in the intestine.”

American Cancer Society:

Hormone Replacement Therapy


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Flax blossoms

Flax blossoms

When I became pre-menopause, I found that to be quit a trip!  The hot flashes, night sweats, panic attacks, my vision started to weaken, ringing in ears, periods became heavy and sporadic and were no longer like clockwork.  It just made me shutter to hear my Dr. say that this could last up to 10 years (for me it did!) and I was recommend HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy).

Most of my life I have had to many allergic attacks from most drugs, and often end up having to take drugs to offset the side affects of drugs.  I just dreaded the idea of HRT, especially anything synthetic about it.

A neighbor recommended a somewhat natural oriented Quack who did some unlicensed chiropractic adjustments, and sold a few products.  He recommened flax hull lignans for menopause and cancer.  When I got home, I was excited about the info he shared, and told my husband I wish I knew some affordable way to also put my horse on it, as he had cancer.  My husband said he knew the source, and occasionally has been marketing our own flax that way.  Why he did not share that info with me earlier, I do not know.

The Quack later refused to have me as one of his patients, as he did not like the fact that I was not purchasing lignans from him, so he would not work with me as he said he could not make “enough money” on just my adjustments/treatments, if I did not buy the products he recommended from him.  His prices were high, and the local grocery store in his own city was selling the non-organic type for half of what he sold it for. I was told that by one of his clients who buys from the store.  But, I’m much happier with my own professional Chiropractor, who is insured should an adjustment go bad.  And I’m not expected to buy anything other then pay for the treatment.  I would not advise going to an uninsured Quack, as I had.  As one of the other food supplements he recommended I be on, caused my body a lot of illness and stress due to my being allergic to it without knowing so, I had told him about my allergy problems.  Had he been properly trained, that problem could of been avoided.  But I was thankful to this Quack for his encouragement to add flax lignans to my daily diet, as that supplement was beneficial to me.

Since, and for my own benefit, I have studied a lot on HRT, Flax Hull Lignans, and general balancing of estrogen and progesterone for the female pre-menopause.  Flax Hull Lignans seem to have balanced off my estrogen, very noticeable was the disappearance of multiple panic attacks in a day.  But I still had pre-menopause problems with imbalance of progesterone, namely heavy irregular periods.  I tried several brands of progesterone cream, and found all but one inconsistent from one container use to the other.  One container would improve my hormone balance, the next container would have me nearly back to where I was before, then the next might have me someplace in-between.  After three containers of inconsistency, I would hunt for another brand.  Then finally I came across Emetria Pro-gest cream.  For me that was the consistent balance I needed, and the remaining years of pre-menopause were much smoother sailing.  I basically, just used the recommended amounts on the containers, of both the Organic Flax Hull Lignans and the Emetria Progest, and found a balance that worked very well for me.

I choose to use “organic” flax hull lignans, because organic flax is not directly sprayed with herbicides for weed control during it’s growth, nor during pre-harvest to kill weeds before combining.  Save Me Products carries the organic type, manufactured in North Dakota.

Flaxseed Lignans vs. Breast Cancer Cells


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I thought this information from the American Cancer Society was interesting:

“Most of the evidence for an anti-cancer effect of flaxseed and flaxseed oil comes from research using laboratory animals or cells grown in laboratory dishes. In one cell culture study, flaxseed lignans reduced stickiness and movement of breast cancer cells, both properties related to the cancer’s ability to spread or metastasize…”

American Cancer Society: