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Flax blossoms

Flax blossoms

When I became pre-menopause, I found that to be quit a trip!  The hot flashes, night sweats, panic attacks, my vision started to weaken, ringing in ears, periods became heavy and sporadic and were no longer like clockwork.  It just made me shutter to hear my Dr. say that this could last up to 10 years (for me it did!) and I was recommend HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy).

Most of my life I have had to many allergic attacks from most drugs, and often end up having to take drugs to offset the side affects of drugs.  I just dreaded the idea of HRT, especially anything synthetic about it.

A neighbor recommended a somewhat natural oriented Quack who did some unlicensed chiropractic adjustments, and sold a few products.  He recommened flax hull lignans for menopause and cancer.  When I got home, I was excited about the info he shared, and told my husband I wish I knew some affordable way to also put my horse on it, as he had cancer.  My husband said he knew the source, and occasionally has been marketing our own flax that way.  Why he did not share that info with me earlier, I do not know.

The Quack later refused to have me as one of his patients, as he did not like the fact that I was not purchasing lignans from him, so he would not work with me as he said he could not make “enough money” on just my adjustments/treatments, if I did not buy the products he recommended from him.  His prices were high, and the local grocery store in his own city was selling the non-organic type for half of what he sold it for. I was told that by one of his clients who buys from the store.  But, I’m much happier with my own professional Chiropractor, who is insured should an adjustment go bad.  And I’m not expected to buy anything other then pay for the treatment.  I would not advise going to an uninsured Quack, as I had.  As one of the other food supplements he recommended I be on, caused my body a lot of illness and stress due to my being allergic to it without knowing so, I had told him about my allergy problems.  Had he been properly trained, that problem could of been avoided.  But I was thankful to this Quack for his encouragement to add flax lignans to my daily diet, as that supplement was beneficial to me.

Since, and for my own benefit, I have studied a lot on HRT, Flax Hull Lignans, and general balancing of estrogen and progesterone for the female pre-menopause.  Flax Hull Lignans seem to have balanced off my estrogen, very noticeable was the disappearance of multiple panic attacks in a day.  But I still had pre-menopause problems with imbalance of progesterone, namely heavy irregular periods.  I tried several brands of progesterone cream, and found all but one inconsistent from one container use to the other.  One container would improve my hormone balance, the next container would have me nearly back to where I was before, then the next might have me someplace in-between.  After three containers of inconsistency, I would hunt for another brand.  Then finally I came across Emetria Pro-gest cream.  For me that was the consistent balance I needed, and the remaining years of pre-menopause were much smoother sailing.  I basically, just used the recommended amounts on the containers, of both the Organic Flax Hull Lignans and the Emetria Progest, and found a balance that worked very well for me.

I choose to use “organic” flax hull lignans, because organic flax is not directly sprayed with herbicides for weed control during it’s growth, nor during pre-harvest to kill weeds before combining.  Save Me Products carries the organic type, manufactured in North Dakota.

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